Academic accreditation

His excellency, the general academic manager of REC international schools; Mr Salah Abdelhafeez has coordinated an important visit to Al_Raed International School by Dr Rob Lively; vice president of American AdvacED for academic accreditation.
Dr Rob Lively is one of the top hundred educational leaders in the United States of America.  He’s also one of the most important experts in the field of international education in the world; with a PHD in educational leadership from Boston University.
He was received by his excellency Mr Muhammad Rushdy; the manager of international education sector in REC, Mr Mustafa Tawfiq; the academic manager of RIS and a number of the school’s teachers and admins.
Dr Rob met also the academic accreditation team of RIS to make sure of their readiness for the appointed visit of AdvacED next February. Moreover, he toured the school and praised much the educational level of the students, the teachers’ performance, the building and equipment.
At the end of his visit Dr Rob made statement to the media committee of the  school in which he talked about his general  impression  about AL Raed international school.

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